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Hiatus-Breaking Updates!

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I’m coming off of hiatus!

I apologize for the long break. I was inundated with many projects, both inside and outside of writing, that I can now happily share with you! Below, I’ve outlined the two most monumental developments, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

FIRSTLY: Casters’ Court chapter one is now available for reading!

CC Logo

Yes, that’s right! We jumped straight there. The preparations to make this happen have taken some time, research, and… logo design? Anyway, the bottom line is that IT IS AVAILABLE!

Story time. You may recall in my last post before hiatus that I applied to an online publishing platform called Radish. While they have an incredible model, and I still highly recommend them, they unfortunately did not accept my application. I therefore researched some other options, and I landed on a site called Tapas. Like Radish, they also specialize in serial fiction– in both novel and webcomic form. I’m excited about the opportunity, and I plan to post new “episodes” on Wednesdays at midnight (CST).

Tapas imposes length limits on its content, so many of my chapters will be split into parts. The second part of chapter 1 will hit at midnight TONIGHT! Stay tuned for further updates on this, and I hope you enjoy!

SECONDLY: I’m doing an internship in science communication.

What a whirlwind.

I had just started this when I went on hiatus, so I wasn’t quite sure what it would entail. As it happens, I’m quite enjoying it! I’ll post a longer update about my experience (including a fun video where I got to play a stand-in patient) in the coming weeks. Some of my writing time has been funneled in that direction lately, which greatly contributed to the hiatus. However, some of the things I’ve written are getting published now, so I wanted the opportunity to share them. More on this to come!

Thank you for bearing with me during the break! I’m quite excited about the current developments, and I’m hopeful for their continued progress. Onward!


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