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Origins: Casters’ Court Logo


I acknowledge that this post is a couple days late, and I apologize. There are two main reasons. The first is that this post was a big descriptive undertaking, and I wanted to do it justice. The second is that I was having internet problems that prevented me from working on it on the nights I needed to be.

My sincerest apologies, but without further ado, here is my post:

Y’all are probably getting really tired of seeing this thing by now.

No promises that I’ll completely shut up about Casters’ Court soon, as it’s still at the forefront of my work pile, but I should be tuning it down a bit in the near future. But before I do so, I want to explain my logo– especially who’s who!

I managed to fit the entire Court in the logo, which I was proud of. Finding/making silhouettes to represent each of their personalities was considerably harder than I imagined when I set out. It’s not perfect– I’m not an artist– but it captures the feel I was going for. Describing the choices I made in depicting them will give a clearer idea of the characters themselves, so let’s dive in!


Clara and Garth:

In the center of the image, and appropriately central to the Court’s operations, we find our fearless leader and her right-hand man. No-nonsense Clara is depicted very much like I imagine her, hands on her hips in clear disapproval of . . . everything? Garth is at a computer. Does he need to sit at a computer? No. He can access all forms of digital communication in his mind. But it’s kind of his schtick, so there you have it.


Phoenix and Misty:

The other dynamic duo of the Court can also be found together in a panel (because, honestly, Phoenix probably wouldn’t have left Misty alone in her own one). Phoenix also wouldn’t let Misty stand up on her back while in flight, but it’s a decent compromise. Who knows? Maybe, in this snapshot, Misty’s using her sneaky powers of distraction to prevent Phoenix from realizing she’s standing.

It would have been difficult to capture both of Phoenix’s forms in the same image without being insanely confusing, so I went with the most interesting. Also, as she frequently insists, her bird form is her natural form. She isn’t a human who can become a bird– she’s a bird who can become a human.



Ah, yes, who else would be reclining casually in a collage of action shots? It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy his work with the Court, or that he’s particularly lazy, he just doesn’t care. Most of his spells can be cast just as easily laying as standing, so why bother? The only error in this image is his short hair, but I cut my losses– the pose was too good.

For the astute observer, note that he’s examining his left hand in this image. It’s a touch I particularly liked. If you’ve read to chapter 3, you might be able to start putting together why he cares so much about his left vs. right hand. The full details will be revealed eventually.

Brady Brady:

Eternally active and cheery to a fault, Brady is, of course, dancing in his image. Poor guy got a bad rap in his introductory scene. It isn’t his fault his morning-person demeanor was described by a disgruntled Mage at 8 am. Although, to be fair, Brady was being a little pushy and obliviously pressing everyone’s buttons.

His powers haven’t been discussed yet, and I’ll leave it that way for right now. It’s how he’d want it. He’s a big fan of building suspense.



Like Mage, Jack also takes a stance of thoughtful repose (though he’s at least standing for it). He likes to ponder– he has a lot on his mind.

His hands, notably, are behind his back, contained out of the way. They can’t accidentally drain the energy from any passerby who may bump into him. It’s a rare scenario, it would have to be skin-to-skin contact, and if he wasn’t trying, it wouldn’t drain much. Still, he’d really hate to do that to someone accidentally.

Plex Plex:

Last, but certainly not least, we have Plexiglas, AKA Plex! We know very little about her from that introductory chapter except that she’s good at blocking out Brady’s early-bird energy using headphones, and she’s a student. As it happens, both of these are important elements of her overall image, which is why they’ve made it into her logo panel.

There’s far more to Plex than her constant juggling of Court vs. school responsibilities, though. While she was relatively quiet during Monday meeting, there’s an entire upcoming chapter dedicated to her, the first half of which drops at midnight (CT) tonight! 

I promise there’s a pattern to the point of view characters. It’ll become more evident as time goes on, but an upcoming post will touch on it as well! It won’t be all about Casters’ Court, I promise.

I hope this explains the logo a bit better and teases some of the characters you’ll get to know better as time goes on!



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