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Non-Hiatus: Mage the Family Man

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This post is the third of five chapters in my not-hiatus series explained here. Basically, I’ve fed the first few lines of some Casters’ Court chapters into an AI network to see what it comes up with. In this alternate-universe version of chapter three, Mage cares for his kids by trying to start a baby food business with his husband…?

If I were in charge of an organization of casters whose role was basically to function as a superhero team, I’d buck the stereotype and not make Mondays intentionally terrible. Unfortunately, Clara doesn’t have the same opinion.

I’m about two blocks from the abandoned firehouse we call headquarters. Pretty sure I half-sleepwalked here. Heaven knows I can’t get up a few minutes early to make myself some coffee, or to buy some on my way in. Ha. I’m proudly on target to slide into my chair at 7:59.

As I round the corner, a woman walks into First National Bank, and I can’t help but smirk slightly. She has no idea how fortunate she is. I know a thought like that shouldn’t make me happy, but I can’t control it. If the knowledge that I’m the reason that woman still has her money makes me feel empowered, so be it. You may not realize it as you go forward — she’s not alone.

I’m also a bit sad that I’m getting to be alone, I hate people in their homes who can’t spend some time alone — and it’s hard to be anything but miserable without a job. I’m still feeling the strain of moving for the first time, and I’m probably going to miss a lot. I’m also a bit scared that I’m going to miss something that has given me a lot — my kids. She’s been gone from school a lot lately, and I’m worried about the two of them. She got some good friends this semester, and now they’re not as close as they were. I get really nervous about the kids who are taking their first steps: how will Mom and Dad be able to cope with them? When I miss my job, and my children are in school the next week, it’s going to be a nightmare. I guess my best bet is to find another job that has a bit more security for a while, since I’m going away for some. It may even be to the U.S. or Canada once I get settled enough that I start working, I’ll be fine. I’ll probably even take a break from this world.

My husband and I have been discussing this with him for a few months now: I’ve started buying my children’s stuff now, and buying groceries and so on, for the first time in my life. We decided to try it on Saturday, and we got a big pack of frozen blueberries, some blueberries from France, and some sweet potatoes from Canada… it’s amazing what I’ve discovered in these few weeks. We started thinking about a baby food that would be just right for the twins. Then we started to think of ways to make the food more delicious. I just kept saying, I know this, and then I heard this…

Who wrote it better? Discuss by commenting!


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