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Hi, I’m Calley.

What does that mean, though? Well, without getting all philosophical, it means that I’m an aspiring scientist, an aspiring writer, an existing dog mom, an avid turtle lover, an iced-tea connoisseur, a D&D player (and DM), and a human being, among other things.

Haven’t lost you yet? Great.

This page will be mostly dedicated to the writing side of my life (although science might sprinkle its way in occasionally). I’m about to try putting my work out there, so I wanted a centralized place for interested people to come see who I am and why/how I do what I do.

My hope is to post content in the form of sneak peaks of my writing, status updates for submissions and such, fun stories about where my ideas come from, and other things I’ll figure out as I go along. I hope you enjoy, and I’m always open to feedback!

Thanks for stopping by!