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Content: More Fun Science!

Bias News Release.png
Photo Cred: Mayo Clinic

Hi, all!

I know it’s an ‘origins’ week. I also know that I promised a breakdown of the Casters’ Court logo this week.

I’m breaking my promises because a cool new science writing of mine got published on Friday, and I wanted to share it!

Please enjoy a news release that I wrote involving a Mayo Clinic psychology study investigating a link between racial bias and burnout in medical residents.

For a more thorough report (which I did not write), the story was picked up by Washington Post! You can read that here!

Next week, back to non-science, and definitely a breakdown of the Casters’ Court logo . . . probably . . .

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Content: Casters’ Court Opening

CC Logo

Okay, so I’ve been talking a lot about my superhero serial, because it’s been at the forefront of my writing pile lately.

I’ve been teasing it, advertising it, linking to it, explaining how it came about, etc. There’s now a permanent portal to its chosen home on the sidebar.

But you, intrepid readers, have endured with me. You’ve suffered the slings and arrows of me ranting for months. You deserve at least a taste of the reward without having to click somewhere else.

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Content: My Princeton Summer Bonus! (That Time We Really Wanted Pancakes)

Photo Cred: Me! (The Siren Panera in downtown Princeton)

Yeah, okay, I said I was done with My Princeton Summer two weeks ago. I remember.

This episode doesn’t “technically” count, though. This snippet wasn’t written for, about, in, or around the writing group in which I wrote the other snippets I’ve shared from my summer at Princeton. In fact, I think I wrote it before I knew the group existed. This was just an elaborate Facebook post made in a sugar-induced delirium following a particularly frustrating squabble over pancakes.

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Content: Magical Anti-Lobster Capybara (MPS)

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Photo Cred: Squirrel Thoughts

Greetings! Welcome to the final installment of the My Princeton Summer series. Like all good things, my summer research at Princeton did ultimately come to an end, as did my fling with their local writing group. On the last day of my attendance with them, I penned a short story starter that, in a few brief paragraphs, packed in lobsters, kidnapping, and a fabled magical capybara.

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