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Content: Cartoon Science (MPS)

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Continuing with the My Princeton Summer series, please enjoy another farcical selection motivated by a silly prompt, and a lack of time!

To set the stage, I must issue another reminder about what else was going on in my life at the time. I was in Princeton not for a wacky writing adventure but for a summer science research program. That meant I was spending most of my time in the lab.

lot of time in the lab.

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Content: Defenestration (MPS)

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Photo Cred: ColourLex

Welcome back to the My Princeton Summer collection, a series of short, prompted, seat-of-my-pants snippets I wrote several summers back for a writing group I got to know for a short time.

For this week’s selection, I know exactly what the prompt was, for two reasons. The first is that I got smart and started jotting them down (for inspiration and reference during the actual sprint). The second is that my friend and I had a fun hand in bringing this prompt to life.

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Content: Connected (A shapeshifter from my dreams)

Happy Tuesday!

This post marks the start of what aspires to be a long series of scribblings from archives of long ago. The junk in the trunk. The (metaphorically) dusty old (digital) volumes. The things I’ve written for various purposes throughout the years that deserve at least a peek at the light of day.

Next week, I’ll have an explanation of a specific series of these coming up. For now, however, I’ll leave you with this: the beginnings of a “story” about a recurring character in some of my dreams. The story, written long ago, aimed to be a rather simplified version of a single dream I had while camping several years ago– a culmination moment of sorts, in which I finally confronted this character. He still comes around sometimes (probably more often than I realize/remember). Occasionally, it’s while I’m lucid, and I derail his plans and drag him into shenanigans. Minds are quite funny, aren’t they?

Anywho, here’s the few paragraphs I managed to scribble down for “Connected,” a story about finally facing this character.

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Content: My 2019 Reading List

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New Year’s Resolutions are tricky.

The new year is a very tempting time to wipe the slate clean and try to change things. I usually try to resist the majority of those temptations, because I take a very all-or-nothing approach to most of my endeavors. If I’m changing some stuff about my life because the calendar rolled over, you better believe I’m changing my whole life. I may have learned over the course of several years that such a mentality isn’t realistic. So if I make “new year’s resolutions” of sorts, I try to keep them minimal and subtle.

One thing I have noticed this year, however, is that I’m drawn to the projected reading lists that my friends are posting on social media. They have good goals, and good ideas, and the world of literature can be overwhelming sometimes when you’re trying to decide what to read, and . . . well . . . I have a confession to make.

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