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Content: My Favorite Snippet from NaNo 2018

First point first: I skipped last Tuesday.


I realize this, and I apologize profusely. November was a rough month, as you can imagine hearing me ramble on about NaNo for all of it. Then, on the coattails of a week in which I had to give a presentation to my department, finish a scientific poster, and finish NaNo (and made myself sick doing so, see above), I was whisked off to San Antonio for a scientific conference for a week!

I spent most of the time that I wasn’t sitting in talks and eating Mexican food sleeping, and I did not get a blog posted. I have made an executive decision to maintain the schedule, so next Tuesday will be the conclusion of my Caster’s Court origin story!

In the meantime, I picked out the snippet from this year’s NaNo that I was proudest of! It comes as a fun little teaser for one of my characters . . . I’ll refrain from telling you which one. Hopefully, now that NaNo is over, I’ll have an update about an application submission to Radish soon! Details to come!

And now, please enjoy my snippet:

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Content: NaNoLog Episode 1

MN Winter
Photo Cred: Reddit User KnudRagnarson


I moved from Texas to Minnesota in summer of 2015.

All of my NaNoWriMo experiences prior to this move had been in Waco, TX, where I went to college. I made great writing friends there. I helped bolster the year-round writing presence. It was a safe and comfortable place for my writing self . . .

And then, I had to leave.

More on this story in next week’s “Origins,” but suffice it to say, I knew the only way I could really integrate with a new tribe of writers would be to dive into NaNo head-first, no-holds-barred, and make some friends even if it killed me (and my word count). To boost my courage while navigating this awkward process, I wrote frequent messages back to my Waco writing friends in the form of an anthropological study log. I called it NaNoLog (or Wrimo Log), and I think it really encapsulates some of the insanity of NaNo.

So, without further ado, I introduce you to part 1 of my 2015 NaNoLog:

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