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Letters to Myself: Sappy about NaNo

Today, continuing the NaNoWriMo theme for the month, we present a sappy version of Letters to Myself, remembered last year in a particularly nostalgic moment:

Remembered October 20, 2017, in response to:NaNoSappy

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Letters to Myself: Writing and T-Swizzle

FB Memories

Who among us has not been reminded of something we said long ago that embarrasses us, inspires us, or makes us simultaneously cringe and laugh? Fortunately, apps like Timehop and Facebook’s “On this Day” have made it quite easy to relive those moments. Facebook friends of mine will know that I sometimes write a short note back to my former self upon reading these past posts. Here, in this “Letters to Myself” series, I aim to share a few of them.

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