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Origins: Focus Fox

Photo Cred: Me

A funny hand signal a college friend came up with became a huge inside joke among my writing group, then a regular column on a friend’s writing blog. How? Why?

Meet Focus Fox.

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Origins: My Princeton Summer

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Photo Cred: John Phelan

I’ve written in some fun places, y’all.

Last week, I mentioned an upcoming series of content snippets written for various reasons, in various parts of my past. Next week, I’m going to start with some humorous, prompt-driven, seat-of-my-pants scribbles from a summer writing group I stumbled into in Princeton, NJ, during summer of 2014.

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Origins: Why Horror? Part 2

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Photo Cred: The Occult Museum

Happy Tuesday!

A couple of weeks ago, I detailed the first part of the tale of how a happy-go-lucky, sweet-and-innocent archetype, YA-writer channeled her inner dark side into a budding horror writer. What happened after I advanced to the second round of that short story contest, nightmares of mangled tennis stars and all?

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Origins: Why Horror? Part 1

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Happy New Year, all! Here’s to a safe and prosperous 2019 (or, if not, a 2019 full of growth and learning– both types of years are valid and important).
Many people consider the start of a new year a time ripe for change and expansion of horizons. Others count January 1st as just another point in our rotation around the sun. Before you roll your eyes and click away, this post applies to both types– yes, both. Here, I will tell the tale of how January 2017 marked a stark shift in my writing interests… In a completely unintentional way.

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Origins: Casters’ Court Part 2

Friendster Quiche
Photo Cred: Slytherin #1/Quiche Master

Sorry for the long delay since part one of this post, given my skipped installment a couple of weeks ago. If you need a quick refresher, I described the nuclear explosion inside my head that led to this massive, unwieldy serial I’m preparing to web-publish.

This week, I will tell a tale of a nostalgic Easter, some great friends, and how the conversation of what superpowers we’d all have set off a relentless train of thought that catalyzed the aforementioned nuclear explosion.

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