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Sentence Snippets: Magical Botany Fail

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I planted a small garden this year. It’s been doing pretty well, considering my general lack of a green thumb . . . although I owe the majority of that to the ridiculous amount of rain we’ve been getting.

Regardless, the stakes on keeping some flowers and a few vegetables alive are pretty low. What if they were higher?

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Sentence Snippet: Alien Eggs

NASA job opening to protect Earth from aliens has 6-figure salary
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I may or may not have dreamed a pretty epic sci-fi horror movie a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll leave the gruesome and gory details to your imagination– it will likely do a better job than mine did. The bones of the dream, however, can be summed up in this single sentence:

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Sentence Snippets: Go Bag

I’m starting a new category to intersperse with letters to myself, which I’m calling sentence snippets!

I’ve mentioned previously that the way I get a lot of my ideas is by looking at random things and thinking, “what if?” Sometimes, I push for these thoughts because I’m bored or trying to come up with new concepts or don’t want to too closely mimic something I find cool.

Sometimes, fun introductory (or completely out-of-context) sentences come from these exploratory adventures.

Therefore, I’ve decided to catalogue them there, at least for now! No explanation. No preamble (except in this post, of course), no context. Your imagination will likely derive a completely different yet equally beautiful story from a single line of text than the one mine did.

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