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Letters to Myself: Writing and T-Swizzle

FB Memories

Who among us has not been reminded of something we said long ago that embarrasses us, inspires us, or makes us simultaneously cringe and laugh? Fortunately, apps like Timehop and Facebook’s “On this Day” have made it quite easy to relive those moments. Facebook friends of mine will know that I sometimes write a short note back to my former self upon reading these past posts. Here, in this “Letters to Myself” series, I aim to share a few of them.

Remembered 5/9/2018, in response to:

FB Memories

Dear Eighteen,

It’s okay. You gutted this story, along with countless others from your past, and you’ve managed to piece them back together into something… vaguely intriguing? Anywho, I’m awful at reducing story ideas, but I’m decent at re-using and recycling them! 😁 Rest assured, your efforts are not in vain.


P.S. T-Swizzle is cool again now, and the album you’re referencing is my guilty pleasure car CD. Shhhh…

P.P.S. Most of those connections you’re trying to make with that “soundtrack” are pretty far stretches, so don’t sell yourself short. 😉

As a sneak peak, the story encompassing the re-used/recycled stories I mention here is Caster’s Court, this year’s NaNo project referenced 2 weeks ago! Hear more about it in a couple more weeks.


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