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Letters to Myself: Whiny Teenage (Un)Snow Day

Texas gets a little dramatic when it comes to snow.

In their defense, they don’t have the infrastructure to handle it. No plows. No salt trucks. No instructions on how to drive. Half an inch of snow, or a nice ice storm, usually incapacitates most of the south. Northerners tend to laugh at these stories all the way down the driveway pushing their snowblowers.

And as a Texan-turned-Minnesotan, I get a very particular laugh at my old self– especially my dramatic teenage self– and how she once thought about the snow.

Remembered 12/8/2018, in response to:

LTM Ice Storm

I wrote:

Dear Seventeen,

Practice, love. You’re going to need the experience someday– and on that day, when you shovel your car out of 8″ of snow and take off down the road like it’s no big deal, you’ll look back and chuckle.


P.S. Actually, please don’t drive in that. You need a few more years of chilling out before you attempt that. Sliding past a turn you were supposed to make is just going to give you a panic attack.


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