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Special Project Updates Edition

IMG_20190415_162805454.jpgMy wrist is currently in a brace from carpal tunnel symptoms, so I’ll make this brief (because typing is hard at present). Here are a few quick updates on things I’m working on!

  1. Casters’ Court
    I am pleased to announce that I’ve finally submitted an application to serialize Casters’ Court online for public consumption! I’ve applied to a platform called Radish, an app-based platform for distributing serialized fiction. Even if I don’t make it in, if you like reading, you should check them out.
  2. Glass Eyes
    The next item on my agenda is a horror short story expanded from something I wrote for a contest (spoiler: it involved, in some form, horror, a forty-year-old unemployed man, and a door-to-door salesman). It, too, has been rattling around in my brain, mostly finished. A few more polishing edits, and I could start querying it. I might as well take something almost finished and get something out of it!
  3. That One YA Series
    Ah, I haven’t talked about this one in a while. It’s been on the back burner while I’ve been getting my ducks in a row for Casters’ Court. But it has rotated back close to the forefront of my attention in the last couple of weeks, following a major plot epiphany. The revolution fixes a few of the larger problems I created after I made some radical changes a few years ago. I’m eager to start playing with some of those ideas and will be returning to this project as soon as I start surfing out “Glass Eyes.”
  4. A New Project!
    In the background of all of this, I’m also busy brainstorming and sketching out a new project slated for another fun online publishing platform– details to follow. This one is derived from a different horror short story I wrote during NaNo ’17. I reached the end of the story and really wanted to explore the character more. The concept? An obsessed detective writes a series of unsent letters to a serial killer she compulsively needs to catch.

I’m excited about these upcoming projects, and I promise to keep you posted with more updates as they become available!


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